The Woodsman is a 2012 American dramatico-musical, Music by Edward W. Hardy, lyrics by Jennifer Loring, and book by James ortiz. The Woodsman, based on characters and plot aspects of L. Frank Baum’s classic novel, focuses on the story of the Tin Woodman character from the fictional Land of Oz, notably Baum's 1918 book The Tin Woodman of Oz. A lonely woodsman falls for the slave-girl of a powerful witch. Determined to keep them apart, the witch curses The Woodsman's axe. With every swing, he pays with a limb until he's more metal than man. Based on the forgotten writings of L. Frank Baum, The Woodsman gives these darkly beautiful, haunting, and heart-breaking stories new life through spectacular puppetry and song. Ben Bass (Munchkin) Devin Dunne Cannon (Ma) Will Gallacher (Pa/Tinker) Edward W. Hardy (Munchkin/Violinist) Amanda Lederer (The Witch/ Tinker) Aaron McDaniel (Tinker) James Ortiz (Nick Chopper) Eliza Simpson (Nimmie) Meghan St. Thomas (Munchkin) Carol Uraneck (The Witch).  

THE WOODSMAN by Edward W. Hardy - Tin Man Puppet
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The Wicked Witch of the East and Eliza Simpson in The Woodsman
Edward W. Hardy, Will Gallacher, Eliza Simpson and James Ortiz in The Woodsman
The Kalidah in The Woodsman
Edward W. Hardy in The Woodsman
L. Frank Baum
The Woodsman Original Off-Broadway Cast
Scene from The Woodsman Play
Eliza Simpson and James Ortiz in The Woodsman
The Woodsman Original Off-Broadway Cast

Welcome to the marvelous land of Oz-- We are in munchkin country, a majestic countryside in the land of the east. It is a rich, beautiful, fertile land, inhabited by warm and friendly people. We live, we toil and are always mindful, fearful of the wicked witch of the east.  She is our master, she sees all, she hears all, so we are in silence. No words are spoken. With heavy hearts, we work.  A lone violin tells our story.


The Obie award-winning production of THE WOODSMAN  focuses on the story of Nick Chopper.  Each morning as the sun rises over a cerulean sky in munchkinland, he sets off into the forest to earn his living.  He is a sensitive and lonely man.  He meets and falls in love with, the slave-girl of the wicked witch of the east. The witch puts a powerful spell on his axe, every time he uses it he pays with a limb. Tinkers replace them with tin ones until he is entirely made of tin. Believing that love can no longer exist without a heart, he leaves her, goes into the forest and rusts in the rain.



THE WOODSMAN is separately owned by co-authors Edward W. Hardy (music copyright holder),

James Ortiz (stage directions/ puppet design). As of September 2022, a settlement for the case 

Hardy v. Ortiz et al is still active. 

The Purchase, rental or use of THE WOODSMAN does not constitute a license to use in a public or private performance, screening or presentation. A performance, screening or presentation without a license from James Ortiz and Edward W. Hardy collectively is a violation of United States copyright law and an actionable federal offense. 


Unauthorized copying, arranging, recording, internet posting, public performance, or other distribution of THE WOODSMAN is an infringement of copyright. Infringers are liable under the law.



An American Dramatico-Musical
Edward W. Hardy


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Jennifer Loring




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Originally Created by Edward W. Hardy, Jennifer Loring, James Ortiz & Diana Stall

Conceived by Edward W. Hardy & James Ortiz

Originally Produced by Strangemen Theatre Company, Edward W. Hardy, Steven Laing, Jason Ralph,

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